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Free Estimate:

Country Top Roofing provides several home renovation solutions. The best way to see if Country Top Roofing is the right local contractor for your home renovation please feel free to take advantage of our free no-obligation estimate.


Free Roof Repair Estimate-

With our free estimate, we will provide you with a roof inspection to evaluate the cost of your roofing project. Whether you are looking for a full roof replacement or a roof repair we have one of our professional team members access your needs and come up with the best roofing solution for your home renovation. If you are currently just starting the process and looking to save up for your roof replacement or roof repair; we can also provide you with a quick online roofing quote. Please send us over your contact information and we do our best to send over a tentative estimate. These are generally still very accurate and will be a great guideline to get you started.

Country Top Roofing offers a wide variety of roofing services. Whether its skylights, ventilation, small repairs, or your entire roof, our highly qualified roofing installers bring knowledge above and beyond traditional standards.

Servicing Orangeville, Shelburne, Dundalk, Collingwood and Bolton.

Custom Flashing

Sometimes all your house needs is a little maintanance or a new and fresh accent piece. We are capable of servicing your needs with custom flashings such as new Chimney flashings.

Looking to lower your heating bill. Call us to come out and have us look at your attic to make sure you have adequate insulation


Ventilation is a huge part of keeping your roof in good shape. We want your shingles to have a long term life expectancy. To make sure your shingles will last as long as they are suppose to give us a call and we can discuss possible ventilation upgrades. 

Collingwood Chimney Repair - Metal Chimney Flashing Orangeville and Colingwood, Owen Sound Roofing
Insulation Repair Collingwood and Orangeville
Local Roofing Crew - Metal vs Shingle Cost
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