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Welcome Orangeville! 

One of our favorite spots to do work is in Orangeville. With its ever-growing population, we get to meet many local clients. With our great team of installers and fair pricing, we hope to continue to serve Orangeville for years to come.

Average cost of a Residential Roof in Orangeville-

The most common roof in Orangeville is an Architectural asphalt shingle. The average cost for a home in Orangeville is around $7200-$9800. Of course, the cost depends on several factors. This can all change depending on warranties and materials used on your home. If in the budget; we always recommend a complete roofing system. This includes 3-6 feet of ice and water shield and the balance of the roof to be installed with a synthetic underlayment.


Metal Roof Replacement

If you are looking for a long-term investment for your home; re-roofing in a metal product is a great choice. Yes, metal is more expensive than a shingle roof. But, there are still budget-friendly options on the market. In Orangeville, a standard ribbed metal roof with exposed fasteners will generally cost around $13500-16500.


If you are looking for a metal roof with the best life expectancy and return on investment, then a hidden fastener type system is a great choice. Most of the hidden fastener systems offer a 50-year warranty. An example of this system would be a standing seam roof. The average cost for a standing seam roof in Orangeville is typically between $19500- $28000.

In Orangeville, the most popular re-siding option is Vinyl Siding. This is a great choice because vinyl siding holds well against Orangevilles' climates. It is easy to repair and if installed correctly can last for many years. The Average cost of residing your home in vinyl is around $8500-13000.00

This does not include the price to redo the soffit and eavestrough. Our recommendation when installing soffit is to go with a vented soffit and 5-inch seamless Eavestrough. We have many options of these to choose from.

In Orangeville, if you have not done any exterior renovations in the last 10 years your eavestrough system may not be sufficient enough. There have been many improvements in eavestrough systems that your home may benefit from.  In recent years Eavestrough systems have been designed larger than previously. If your home is older than 10 years you may have noticed a 4-inch gutter system and downspouts that have a rectangle shape. The standard use to be 2 x 3 inch which is quite small and debris is easily trapped in these systems. Today we can provide our clients with a 5-6 inch gutter system. We recommend on a residential home have a 5 inch as many homes fascia boards were not built to accommodate the 6 inches, but are great on commercial or industrial buildings. Today, downspouts have increased in size to a 3 x 3 or 4 x 3-inch square spout. This larger downspout is more likely to remove any unwanted debris that your gutters have accumulated.

We always recommend that you budget in your renovation for a gutter protection system. This will make sure that minimal debris ends up in your gutter system and will let them work at full efficiency.

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