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Gallery and Reviews

Here at Country Top Roofing we take our reviews very seriously. It is how we can take a step back and evaluate how our clients see us. We try our best to make every experience for our clients a great one. We are constantly trying to expand our knowledge of products and skill level. We will continue to grow our team with knowledgeable crew members not only out on the field , but in our office to try and improve our customer service. If you ever feel like their is something we can improve on we would love to hear your feedback.


This year in 2020 we have expanded into a new to us 2000 sq ft facility. We have chosen to do this to be able to buy more material in bulk, passing on the savings to our clients. We will be opening our showroom early spring where you will be greeted by knowledgeable reception. Here we will have several open displays of the most popular home renovation products on the market. You will be able to see these products on a larger scale to help you make better decisions on your preffered home Reno product.


If needed we have teamed up with a finance team who will be able to guide you into making a finance plan if paying for your home renovation in one lump some is just not an option. Clients are more then welcome to come in at this location and pay their bills, learn about special products and warranties or find out any additional info they may need to procceed with their home renovation.


Some extra Reviews of our company can be viewed here: 

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Country Top Roofing are FANTASTIC. When I phoned they were close by and came within 15 minutes. I thought they would just give me a quote but they actually fixed it right away! Jordon didn't charge me which was more than generous as they aren't the company that installed my steel roof. Give them a call... I know you won't be disappointed.


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