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The average install price of a standing seam roofing system is $9- $12.00 per sq. Cost of your home will depend on size, pitch, number of sides, roof accessories

Standing Seam / Hidden Fastener

Standing seam pricing 2022

24 and 26 Gauge Snap Lock Available


What is a standing seam?

 Standing seam metal roofing is a concealed fastener metal panel system with continuous vertical panels that start at the eave and end at the roof's ridge with each piece of the system interlocked together making it the most reliable and watertight system available.

How long do standing-seam roofs last?

When installed correctly, a typical standing seam metal roof will last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. Premium metals such as stainless steel, titanium, zinc, and copper can last well over 100 years

Are there decking requirements?

Typically most manufacturers recommend a minimum thickness of 1/2 plywood for this system. Standing Seam should not be installed over strapping like corrugated ribbed steel but directly onto the decking.


Benefits to a Standing Seam roof: 

1.  Standing Seam allows for thermal movement. In standing seam metal roofing systems, the panels generally aren't pinned, meaning they can expand and contract better.

2. Since the fastener doesn’t go through the metal’s surface with standing seam systems, regular maintenance to check for loosening or damaged fasteners is even less frequent.

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