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Barn Steel ( Ribbed ) : Exposed Fasteners

The average install price of a barn steel (ribbed) roofing system is $6- $8 per sq. Cost of your home will depend on size, pitch, number of sides, roof accessories

barn steel pricing 2022

Barn steel roofing (ribbed) is a great choice for any residential or commercial building. It can be used as roofing or siding. With over 21 colors and multiple profiles to choose from we are positive, we can find you something you are impressed by. 


Barn steel roofing(ribbed)

is generally 29-28 gauge and installed over strapping. This is a great choice for a cost-effective metal product. These products are installed with exposed/ visible fasteners screwed directly into the metal.

We can provide full-length panels from 3 ft- 30 ft.  With this much versatility, we can install these systems with minimal overlapping seams which creates fewer leak points.

With a 40 year warranty on paint, this will be the last roof you will ever need to install. 

Barn Steel Roofing- Vic West Metal Roofing

Heron Blue

Bright Red

Coffee Brown



Tile Red

Dark Brown


Slate Blue


Iron Ore

Metro Brown

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