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AVAILABLE NOW! 5 inch Steel or Aluminum Trough!!

Orangeville eavestrough and collingwood eavestrough


It is crucial to your home that the water that accumulates on your roof be directed away from your home. Failure to have proper eavestrough can eventually result in the eroding of your homes foundation. 


Having your Soffit and Fascia redone is a great way to update your home. If you are in an older home it can be very beneficial to replace your older soffit with new vented soffit. Having vented soffit in your home goes hand in hand with keeping your attic vented properly and allowing the decking of your roof to breathe. There are many different styles of soffit you can choose from. Although we always recommend going with a vented soffit, There is other options that may suit the kind of look you would like to have.


In-house we can provide a 5-inch eavestrough system. Perfect for residential homes. With 36 color choices to choose from, we can easily provide you with the best option to complete your eavestrough and roofing system. 

We are capable of color matching your eavestrough with identical custom bent fascia as well as color match vented or non vented soffit. 

Unsure of what your house needs to create proper attic airflow? We can provide you with the knowledge to best suit your specific situation. 

( Colours vary depending on the brand used )


Steel or Aluminum

If you are looking to save some money steel Eavestrough is always a great option.  If you are looking to update your home but can not justify the forever increase in aluminum pricing. Give us a call about our steel options. Although Aluminum will never rust; which is the true benefit of having it used in a water gutter system. With the new advances in paint coatings, this should never be an issue if you decide to go down the steel Eavestrough route. 

Why Leaf Guard? 

With an eavestrough leaf guard, say goodbye to upkeep and cleaning costs. The Gutter Clean System keeps the leaves and snow out of your eavestroughs so they keep doing their job all the time! And if leaves land on the eavestrough protection, a slight gust of wind is all it takes to make them disappear!

You’ll have free-flowing, clog-free gutters that will eliminate the potentially dangerous task of climbing a ladder and cleaning your gutters.

Eavestrough Colour choices. Over 36 different colours to choose from. White , Black , Brown , Seamless Eavestough with Leaf Guard option. Eavstrough and Soffit Colours, Aluminum Eavestrough Orangevilleand Collingwood
Vented and non Vented soffit options, vented, soffit orangevile, aluminum soffit


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