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Welcome Bolton!

Bolton citizens are some of our favorite clients. We have noticed that they work very hard for their money and like to spend it wisely. One of the best ways to do this is to research your choices for local contractors before hiring. We want you to deep dive into our company and see if we are a good fit. We hope that after you do this you will find that there is no better option than Country Top Roofing. We have been serving Caledon citizens with their home renovation projects for over 10 years and hope to continue this trend into the future.

Average cost of a Residential Home in Bolton


The most common roof in Bolton is the architectural asphalt shingle. The average cost for a home in Bolton is around $9200-$12500. Of course, the cost depends on several factors. This can all change depending on warranties and materials used on your home. If in the budget; we always recommend a complete roofing system. This includes 3-6 feet of ice and water shield and the balance of the roof to be installed with a synthetic underlayment. In Bolton, we have noticed that when you go to sell your home the better roofing system on your home truly benefits your re-sale value! This is why we only use top-grade products like Owens Corning or CertainTeed and provide a strong workmanship warranty.

Metal Roof Replacement

If you are looking for a long term investment for your home; re-roofing in a metal product is a great choice. Yes metal is more expensive than a shingle roof. But, there are still budget friendly options on the market. In  Bolton a standard ribbed metal roof with exposed fasteners will generally cost around $15000-19500. Metal roofs are also a great selling feature on your home. Many sellers are looking for great piece of mind. Having and knowing they do not have to deal with anymore serious renovations when they move in is a great blessing. 

If you are looking for metal roof with the best life expectancy and return on investment, then a hidden fastener type system is a great choice. Most of the hidden fastener systems offer a 50 year warranty. An example of this system would be a standing seam roof. The average cost for a standing seam roof in Bolton is typically between $23000- $32000.

In Bolton, the most popular re-siding option is composite siding or wood. This is a great choice because these systems installed correctly do great in high-wind areas. They tend to carry the greatest curb appeal and are great for the potential resale of your home. If installed correctly these systems can last for many years. The Average cost of residing your home is around $13500-16000.00

This does not include the price to redo the soffit and eavestrough. Our recommendation when installing soffit is to go with a vented soffit and 5-inch seamless Eavestrough. We have many options of these to choose from.

Bolton and Area:

Country Top Roofing is a reputable and distinguished roofing company in Bolton. As your trusted and fully insured Bolton roofing professionals, we have made it our mission to ensure Bolton residents have access to roofers who are reliable, use only the highest quality of products, and get the job right – the first time. We have been servicing the Bolton area for many years. If you are in the Bolton area and would like some reference to our work we would be more then happy to provide you with local work. Some Nearby service areas include Palgrave, Loretto, Tottenham, Hockley Valley, and Caledon East.

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