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Welcome Shelburne! 

If you have been in Shelburne for more than a few years. You will know the benefits of a good shingle and great roofing installers. In 2018, Shelburne had some of the worst wind damage happen to their roofs in all of Ontario. Thousands of roofs were damaged from a severe wind storm that took place that spring. Homeowners were left to deal with exposed wood on their homes and the potential for even more damage to arise if not taken care of immediately. Although the wind was well above average speeds most of this damage could have been avoided by using better quality material. 98% of the roofs we repaired were installed improperly and with builder-grade shingles. This is why we do not cut corners or costs when installing our roofs. Our Installers have been professionally trained in proper nailing and install techniques. Out of the several shingles manufactures on the market we will typically only install the top two brands on the market. These are Owens Corning and Certain teed.


The most common roof in Shelburne is Architectural asphalt shingle. The average cost for a home in Shelburne is around $6500-$9500. Of course, the cost depends on several factors. This can all change depending on warranties and materials used on your home. If in the budget; we always recommend a complete roofing system. This includes 3-6 feet of ice and water shield and the balance of the roof to be installed with a synthetic underlayment.

Metal Roof Replacement

If you are looking for a long-term investment for your home; re-roofing in a metal product is a great choice. Yes, metal is more expensive than a shingle roof. But, there are still budget-friendly options on the market. In Shelburne, a standard ribbed metal roof with exposed fasteners will generally cost around $11500-15500. Metal roofs are also less likely to get damaged from high winds.


If you are looking for a metal roof with the best life expectancy and return on investment, then a hidden fastener type system is a great choice. Most of the hidden fastener systems offer a 50-year warranty. An example of this system would be a standing seam roof. The average cost for a standing seam roof in Shelburne is typically between $19000- $27500.

In Shelburne the most popular re-siding option in Vinyl Siding. This is a great choice because vinyl siding installed correctly does great in high-wind areas and rapidly changing temperatures. If installed correctly vinyl can last for many years. The Average cost of residing your home in vinyl is around $8000-12500.00

This does not include the price to redo soffit and eavestrough. Our recommendation when installing soffit is to go with a vented soffit and 5 inch seamless Eavestrough. We have many options of these to choose from.

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