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Best Shingles on the Market!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

It is important to know why and who provides the best shingles on the market. A great example of this is that when you are driving through town to the naked eye shingles look very similar from the ground on the roofs. You are not going to see the difference in quality

Yes there are several different roofing Manufactures on the market today.

But, there are only a few brands that rank higher than the competitors. For the Purpose of this blog we discuss the main factors why certain companies preform better then others and along the way you will receive my experience with these shingles from a contractors prespective.

To start off lets name the most popular brands on the market today:

Owens Corning

Certain Teed





skip to 4:40 for best information

If you just watched this video you should start to see why some shingles just don't add up to the top tiered brands. To recap on this video brands that fall into this category (2nd tier) are IKO, BP. This is because they don’t have strict rules to become certified installers. They are not known for backing up their claims and usually do not require your projects' warranty to be registered with the manufacture. These shingles are usually lighter and the nailing zones are hard to read or understand.

Experience is everything!

Over the last 10 years we have installed just about every brand on the market. From experience we can say that there is definitely a difference in quality and this is why we only use select products today! Our recommendation is a Certain Teed or Owens Corning Shingle. They have great colours to chose from, have great sealants on the back for wind resistance and stand behind their warranties.

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